Kid-Friendly Steampunk Crafts and Activities

kid-friendly steampunk crafts

Dive into the world of kid-friendly steampunk crafts! Unleash the creativity of your young inventors with these awe-inspiring, whimsical DIY projects and activities. Whether your children are home from school or you’re looking for fun crafts to do together as a family, these steampunk crafting ideas are perfect for engaging children in imaginative and hands-on projects. Get ready to embark on a journey of creativity and adventure with these steampunk-themed crafts for kids!

Key Takeaways:

  • Engage your children in imaginative and hands-on projects with kid-friendly steampunk crafts.
  • Create a sense of awe and whimsy with these DIY steampunk activities for children.
  • Unleash the creativity of young inventors with easy and fun steampunk crafts.
  • Immerse your kids in a world of adventure and imagination with steampunk-themed crafting ideas.
  • Make memories and have fun together as a family with these captivating steampunk projects.

Steampunk Art Journal Page

Unleash your creativity with a captivating steampunk-inspired art journal page! In this easy-to-follow tutorial, you’ll discover how to create a whimsical masterpiece using inexpensive craft supplies and a touch of imagination. Let’s dive into the world of steampunk art journaling and embark on a thrilling creative adventure!

To begin, gather your materials. You’ll need Finnabair Clear Gesso to prepare your journal page, followed by Crackle Paste and Modeling Paste to add texture and depth. Enhance the visual appeal with Lindy’s Stamp Gang Moonshadow Mist, allowing its shimmering hues to transport you to the enchanting realms of steampunk. Don’t forget to incorporate a stunning Stamperia paper collection, such as their vintage-inspired designs, to infuse your artwork with a touch of nostalgia.

Now it’s time to let your creativity soar! Experiment with different techniques, such as layering and blending, to create a dynamic composition. Use Tim Holtz Distress Ink to add highlights and shadows, giving your artwork a weathered and aged appearance. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or just starting your artistic journey, this steampunk art journal page is a perfect way to express your individuality and immerse yourself in the captivating world of steampunk.

steampunk art journal

Steampunk ATC Coins (Craft Box)

Step into the captivating world of artist trading cards (ATCs) with these stunning steampunk-inspired coins. This tutorial is perfect for a small project that you can enjoy at home with your kids. Using high-quality Craft Box supplies, you’ll create miniature works of art that showcase the whimsy and charm of steampunk.

To get started, gather the following materials:

  • Steampunk City A4 Designer Pad and 6×6 paper pad
  • Varnish Glue
  • Gel Medium Matte
  • Metallic Pigment
  • Texture Stones

Once you have your supplies ready, follow these simple steps:

  1. Cut out circles from the Steampunk City paper pad to create the base for your ATC coins.
  2. Apply a thin layer of Varnish Glue on the back of the paper circles and adhere them onto a sturdier cardstock for durability.
  3. Mix Gel Medium Matte with Metallic Pigment to create a metallic paste. Apply it to the edges of the coins to add dimension and a steampunk touch.
  4. Use Texture Stones to create texture and interest on the coins. Apply them strategically to resemble gears, cogs, and other mechanical elements.
  5. Let the coins dry completely before proceeding to the next step.
  6. Finish off your steampunk ATC coins by adding details, such as metallic accents, vintage images, or small metal embellishments.

With Craft Box supplies and a little imagination, you can create a collection of unique and captivating steampunk ATC coins that will leave everyone in awe of your creativity!

steampunk ATC coins


Engage young crafters in a world of creativity and imagination with these captivating and whimsical steampunk projects for children. From art journal pages to ATC coins and DIY lamps, there are endless possibilities to explore. These kid-friendly steampunk crafts and activities are designed to entertain and inspire, providing a fun and educational experience for crafters of all ages and skill levels.

Unleash the inventors within your children as they dive into the enchanting world of steampunk crafting. By engaging in hands-on projects, they will develop their artistic abilities, problem-solving skills, and innovative thinking. From designing unique art journal pages to crafting intricate ATC coins, children will embark on a journey of creativity and adventure.

With accessible supplies and easy-to-follow tutorials, these steampunk DIY projects are perfect for young crafters. Encourage children to unleash their creativity, experiment with various materials and techniques, and create their own steampunk masterpieces. Through engaging activities in steampunk crafting, children can explore their imagination, develop fine motor skills, and have hours of fun.

So why wait? Dive into the world of steampunk with your children today. Let their creativity soar as they embark on a journey filled with whimsy and charm. These creative steampunk projects for children are sure to captivate their minds, engage their senses, and provide hours of entertainment. Embrace the magic of steampunk and create unforgettable memories with your young crafters.


Are these steampunk crafts suitable for kids of all ages?

Yes! These kid-friendly steampunk crafts and activities offer a wide range of projects suitable for crafters of all ages and skill levels.

Where can I find the supplies needed for these steampunk crafts?

The supplies used in these projects are inexpensive and accessible for anyone. You can find them from Craft Box, Prima Finnabair, Lindy’s Gang, Stamperia, and Tim Holtz.

Can I do these crafts with my kids at home?

Absolutely! These steampunk crafts are perfect for doing together as a family. They offer fun and engaging activities that will spark your children’s creativity and imagination.

What kind of projects can I expect from these steampunk crafts?

From art journal pages to artist trading coins and even DIY lamps, there’s something for every young inventor to enjoy. These projects will unleash your children’s creativity and transport them into the whimsical world of steampunk.

Are there step-by-step tutorials available for these steampunk crafts?

Yes! Each section provides easy-to-follow tutorials for specific projects, complete with a list of supplies needed. You’ll have all the guidance you need to create your own steampunk masterpieces!

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