Breakout Authors in Contemporary Steampunk Fiction

Breakout steampunk authors

The world of contemporary steampunk fiction is a fascinating realm where imagination meets innovation. Within this genre, a group of emerging novelists has emerged, captivating readers with their extraordinary storytelling and unique perspectives. These influential contemporary steampunk writers have pushed the boundaries of the genre, creating thrilling narratives filled with mystery, wit, and adventure.

Key Takeaways:

  • Breakout steampunk authors bring fresh and innovative perspectives to the genre.
  • Emerging novelists in steampunk fiction captivate readers with their extraordinary storytelling skills.
  • Influential contemporary steampunk writers push the boundaries of the genre, creating thrilling narratives.
  • Steampunk literature combines elements of mystery, wit, and adventure, creating a captivating reading experience.
  • The rise of breakout authors in steampunk provides readers with exciting new voices to explore.

The Half-Made World – A Steam Western with a Twist

In the vast landscape of contemporary steampunk fiction, “The Half-Made World” stands out as a remarkable tale that seamlessly blends elements of a Steam Western with the intriguing New Weird subgenre. Set against a war-torn backdrop in the West, this novel takes readers on a thrilling journey through the conflict between two factions: the Line and the Gun. Amidst the chaos, the story unfolds with a hidden secret—the forgotten general, who holds the key to the world’s fate within his own mind.

With his evocative prose and masterful storytelling, author Robert Jackson Bennett transports readers into a world where steam-powered technology and supernatural forces collide. The Half-Made World captivates with its vivid descriptions, intense action, and thought-provoking themes. Bennett’s imaginative blend of genres creates a truly unique reading experience that leaves a lasting impression.

As readers delve into the pages of “The Half-Made World,” they will encounter a cast of unforgettable characters and be swept away by the gripping plot. The novel’s compelling narrative and rich world-building make it a must-read for fans of steam-powered adventures and those seeking a new twist on the Western genre. Whether you’re already a fan of steampunk or curious about exploring its realms, “The Half-Made World” promises an exhilarating journey like no other.

Gail Carriger – A Steampunk Queen

Gail Carriger is a renowned author in the world of steampunk fiction. Her Parasol Protectorate series, which includes books like Soulless and Changeless, has garnered a loyal fan base. Carriger’s witty writing style and unique blend of steampunk, paranormal, and romance elements have made her a standout in the genre. Her strong and independent female characters, such as Alexia Tarabotti, have become beloved figures in contemporary steampunk literature.

In the Parasol Protectorate series, Carriger seamlessly weaves together Victorian society, supernatural creatures, and the intricacies of steampunk technology. Her attention to detail in creating a vivid and immersive world has captivated readers, transporting them to a realm where werewolves, vampires, and dirigibles coexist. With a touch of humor and a dash of mystery, Carriger’s novels offer a delightful escape into a steampunk-infused Victorian era.

Carriger’s contributions to the steampunk genre have not only entertained readers but also inspired aspiring writers. Through her engaging storytelling and compelling characters, she has paved the way for other contemporary steampunk fiction writers to explore new possibilities within the genre. With her imaginative narratives and strong world-building skills, Gail Carriger has rightfully earned the title of Steampunk Queen.

Gail Carriger - Steampunk Queen

Table: Books in the Parasol Protectorate Series

Book Publication Year
Soulless 2009
Changeless 2010
Blameless 2010
Heartless 2011
Timeless 2012

Scott Westerfeld – Pushing Boundaries in Steampunk Fiction

Scott Westerfeld is a force to be reckoned with in the world of modern steampunk literature. His groundbreaking Leviathan trilogy has captivated readers with its imaginative blend of steampunk technology and alternate history. Set in a war-torn Europe during World War I, the trilogy follows the thrilling adventures of Prince Aleksander and Deryn Sharp as they navigate a dangerous and fantastical world.

Westerfeld’s ability to seamlessly merge historical events with fantastical elements is truly awe-inspiring. In the Leviathan trilogy, he introduces genetically modified animals and massive steam-powered war machines, creating a world that feels both familiar and extraordinary. The intricate details and vivid descriptions of this alternate version of history draw readers in, transporting them to a time and place where anything is possible.

“Westerfeld’s Leviathan trilogy pushes the boundaries of what steampunk fiction can be. With its mesmerizing blend of invention, action, and heart, it stands as a testament to his storytelling prowess.”

Through his captivating storytelling and unique world-building, Westerfeld has solidified himself as one of the top contemporary steampunk authors. His ability to push the boundaries of the genre and create intricate, immersive worlds is truly remarkable. The Leviathan trilogy is a must-read for fans of steampunk and anyone looking to embark on a thrilling adventure filled with airships, intrigue, and larger-than-life characters.

Scott Westerfeld - Pushing Boundaries in Steampunk Fiction

Table: A Comparison of Scott Westerfeld’s Leviathan Trilogy

Book Main Characters Setting Key Themes
Leviathan Prince Aleksander
Deryn Sharp
Europe (alternate history) War, technology, identity
Behemoth Prince Aleksander
Deryn Sharp
Europe (alternate history) Revolution, espionage, loyalty
Goliath Prince Aleksander
Deryn Sharp
Europe (alternate history)
North America
Adventure, exploration, personal growth

As seen in the table above, each book in the Leviathan trilogy builds upon the previous one, delving deeper into the characters’ journeys and the intricate web of political intrigue. The trilogy offers readers an immersive experience that combines historical events with captivating steampunk elements. From the richly developed characters to the detailed descriptions of inventive technology, Westerfeld’s talent shines through, making the Leviathan trilogy a standout in the steampunk genre.

Cassandra Clare – Steampunk in the Shadowhunter World

Cassandra Clare, acclaimed author of the popular Shadowhunter series, has also ventured into the realm of steampunk fiction with her captivating Infernal Devices trilogy. Set against the backdrop of Victorian London, these novels transport readers into a world where supernatural forces and advanced technology intertwine.

In the Infernal Devices trilogy, Clare introduces readers to Tessa Gray, a young woman who discovers her unique ability to transform into another person. As Tessa delves deeper into the dark supernatural underworld, she becomes entangled in a battle against the enigmatic Pandemonium Club. With each page, readers are drawn further into a world filled with action, romance, and the intricate workings of steampunk-inspired machinery.

Clare’s skillful storytelling and vivid descriptions bring the steampunk elements to life, immersing readers in a world where gears turn, airships soar, and clockwork creatures roam the streets. Through her Infernal Devices trilogy, Cassandra Clare has solidified her place as a rising star in the steampunk genre, captivating readers with her imaginative narrative and dynamic characters.

Infernal Devices Trilogy by Cassandra Clare

Table: The Infernal Devices Trilogy

Book Title Publication Year Genre
Clockwork Angel 2010 Steampunk, Fantasy, Young Adult
Clockwork Prince 2011 Steampunk, Fantasy, Young Adult
Clockwork Princess 2013 Steampunk, Fantasy, Young Adult

Clare’s Infernal Devices trilogy has received critical acclaim and has been embraced by fans of both the steampunk and young adult genres. The novels showcase Clare’s ability to seamlessly blend elements of fantasy, romance, and steampunk, creating a rich and captivating world that leaves readers eager for more.

“With intricate world-building and a cast of compelling characters, Cassandra Clare’s Infernal Devices trilogy is a must-read for fans of steampunk and fantasy alike.” – Book Reviewer

Marketing Challenges for Indie Steampunk Authors

Indie authors in the steampunk genre face unique marketing challenges as they strive to promote their work and establish themselves as emerging voices in the literary landscape. Unlike traditional authors who have the support of publishing companies, indie authors must navigate the world of book marketing on their own.

One of the main challenges for indie steampunk authors is the lack of resources and financial backing. Without the resources of a publishing company, indie authors often have limited budgets for marketing campaigns. This makes it challenging to reach a wider audience and compete with established authors in the genre.

However, with the rise of social media platforms, indie authors have found cost-effective ways to promote their books and connect with readers. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram offer opportunities to engage with potential readers and build a loyal following. By sharing sneak peeks, behind-the-scenes content, and interacting with their audience, indie authors can create a personal connection that resonates with readers.

Yet, indie authors must be cautious of scams and false promises that can prey on their enthusiasm for reaching a wider audience. It’s important for authors to research and vet any marketing opportunities they come across to avoid wasting time and money. Building a genuine following and engaging with readers authentically is key to gaining recognition as an emerging voice in the steampunk genre.

indie steampunk author

Marketing Challenges Faced by Indie Steampunk Authors:

Challenge Solution
Limited resources and financial backing Focus on cost-effective marketing strategies and utilize social media platforms to connect with readers.
Competition with established authors Create a unique brand and engage with readers through personalized content to stand out in the genre.
Risk of scams and false promises Research and vet marketing opportunities to avoid wasting time and resources on ineffective strategies.
Building a genuine following Engage with readers authentically, respond to their feedback, and build a loyal fan base through personal connections.

Being an indie steampunk author is not an easy path, but it offers a world of creative freedom and the opportunity to establish oneself as a unique voice in the genre. By facing the marketing challenges head-on, indie authors can carve out a niche for themselves and gain recognition as the future of steampunk literature.

With determination, creativity, and strategic marketing efforts, indie steampunk authors can overcome the challenges they face and make their mark in the genre. By leveraging social media platforms, building a genuine following, and staying true to their craft, these emerging voices can captivate readers and contribute to the ever-evolving landscape of steampunk literature.

The Importance of Authentic Feedback for Indie Authors

For indie authors, receiving authentic feedback is crucial for growth and development. Genuine book reviews provide valuable insights and perspectives that can help authors refine their writing skills and storytelling techniques. Unlike paid endorsements, which may lack objectivity, authentic feedback offers a genuine assessment of an author’s work.

“Real feedback is like gold for indie authors. It allows us to see our blind spots, understand our readers better, and make necessary improvements to our craft,” says Jane Anderson, an up-and-coming steampunk author.

Constructive criticism, whether positive or negative, helps indie authors push the boundaries of their creativity and strive for excellence. By listening to readers’ opinions and understanding their expectations, indie authors can refine their writing styles and deliver innovative narratives.

The Power of Book Reviews

Book reviews are a vital part of the indie author’s journey. They not only provide vital feedback but also act as social proof for potential readers. Positive reviews can generate buzz around a book and attract new readers, while negative reviews can serve as an opportunity for growth and self-improvement. Encouraging readers to leave honest reviews can help indie authors stand out in a saturated market and build a loyal readership.

Benefits of Authentic Feedback for Indie Authors Challenges for Indie Authors
1. Insight into readers’ preferences and expectations 1. Limited resources for marketing and promotion
2. Opportunities for growth and self-improvement 2. Difficulty in gaining visibility amidst established authors
3. Social proof and credibility among potential readers 3. Dealing with negative reviews and criticism

By staying open to feedback and prioritizing genuine book reviews, indie authors can continue to evolve and establish themselves as innovative voices in the steampunk genre. Embracing the power of authentic feedback not only helps authors refine their craft but also fosters a strong and supportive community of readers and writers.


The world of contemporary steampunk fiction is enriched by its breakout authors, who bring a fresh and innovative perspective to the genre. These notable new steampunk authors have captivated readers with their imaginative storytelling and unique blend of steampunk elements. From the wit and charm of Gail Carriger’s Parasol Protectorate series, to Scott Westerfeld’s ability to push boundaries with his Leviathan trilogy, and Cassandra Clare’s captivating steampunk tales set in the Shadowhunter world, these contemporary steampunk fiction writers have left a lasting impact.

As the steampunk genre continues to evolve, it is the breakout authors who are pushing the boundaries and introducing readers to exciting narratives. Their stories transport us to worlds filled with mystery, adventure, and steam-powered technology. It is through their creative vision and innovative storytelling that the genre remains fresh and captivating.

Notably, indie steampunk authors face unique marketing challenges in gaining recognition for their work. However, as they navigate the world of self-promotion and seek out authentic feedback, their voices become increasingly important in shaping the future of the genre. By overcoming these challenges and honing their craft, these emerging indie authors contribute to the ongoing growth and evolution of steampunk literature.

In conclusion, the breakout authors in steampunk, both established and emerging, are key players in the contemporary steampunk fiction landscape. With their unique perspectives, imaginative stories, and dedication to their craft, they continue to captivate readers and shape the future of the genre. Whether through traditional publishing or as indie authors, these notable new steampunk authors are leaving their mark and ensuring that steampunk remains an exciting and vibrant genre for years to come.


Who are some breakout authors in contemporary steampunk fiction?

Gail Carriger, Scott Westerfeld, and Cassandra Clare are some notable breakout authors in the steampunk genre.

What is “The Half-Made World” by Robert Jackson Bennett about?

“The Half-Made World” is a steampunk novel that combines elements of a Steam Western and the New Weird subgenre. It explores the conflict between the Line and the Gun factions in a war-torn West.

What is unique about Gail Carriger’s writing style?

Gail Carriger is known for her witty writing style and her ability to blend elements of steampunk, paranormal, and romance in her Parasol Protectorate series.

How has Scott Westerfeld pushed the boundaries in steampunk fiction?

Scott Westerfeld’s Leviathan trilogy combines steampunk technology with genetically modified animals in an alternate history version of World War I, creating a unique and immersive world.

What is Cassandra Clare’s contribution to the steampunk genre?

Cassandra Clare explores the steampunk genre in her Infernal Devices trilogy, set in Victorian London. The trilogy follows Tessa Gray as she discovers the supernatural underworld and battles the Pandemonium Club.

What are some marketing challenges indie steampunk authors face?

Indie authors face challenges in marketing their books as they don’t have the backing of publishing companies. They must rely on their own efforts and navigate social media platforms while being cautious of scams and false promises.

Why is authentic feedback important for indie authors?

Authentic feedback helps indie authors grow and improve their writing skills. Constructive criticism, whether positive or negative, allows them to refine their storytelling and establish themselves as innovative voices in the steampunk genre.

Who are some notable emerging voices in steampunk literature?

Gail Carriger, Scott Westerfeld, and Cassandra Clare are considered notable emerging voices in the steampunk genre.

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